EpiBiome is a precision microbiome engineering company whose mission is to surveil bacterial populations and to develop effective and sustainable FDA-approved therapies to combat infectious diseases in humans and in agriculture without the use of shared-class antibiotics.  Instead of antibiotics, the company deploys non-GMO, bacteria-specific viruses, abundant in nature and harmless to humans, to address problematic bacteria.

The company’s management team consists of Nick Conley, PhD (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer), Aeron Tynes Hammack, PhD (Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer), Christina Tsai, PhD (Co-founder & VP of Asian Business Development), Lucia Mokres, DVM (Chief Medical Officer), and Bruno Marchon, PhD (Chief Technical Officer). The management team possesses previous startup and corporate experience, including in research, management, and regulatory affairs.

The full team is extraordinarily multidisciplinary and has few redundant skillsets; between its nine PhD scientists and engineers, two large-animal veterinarians, and MBA, the team holds advanced degrees in all major scientific disciplines: chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine.

EpiBiome has an exceptionally credentialed team of scientific advisors, including Dr. Thomas Shryock, CSO of Antimicrobial Consultants and member of the Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria; Prof. Sylvain Moineau at Laval University (Canada), a preeminent phage researcher who was recently declared by Thomson Reuters to be “one of the most influential scientists in the world”; Prof. Matt Sullivan at Ohio State University, an expert in next-generation phage sequencing and high-throughput phage discovery; Prof. Pamela Contag at Stanford University, co-founder of Xenogen (acquired by Caliper, a Perkin Elmer Company), entrepreneur, and expert in microbiology and small-animal imaging; and Dr. Brent Townshend, a bioengineer, electrical engineer, and inventor of the 56K modem.