The EpiPhany® Bacterial Profiling Service

EpiPhany® Bacterial Profiling Service speciates the bacteria present in a sample using unique genomics technology that enables the most reliably accurate biogram results. EpiPhany provides the highest level speciation possible – optimally to the genus and species level, depending on the organisms present in the sample – using information that is natively present in the 16S ribosomal RNA gene in multiple sample types.

Unique advantages of EpiPhany®

EpiPhany is unprecedented in accuracy because it accounts for errors that traditional PCR and other characterization methods cannot.  EpiPhany Bacterial Profiling:

  • More accurately and consistently identifies bacteria present in a sample, optimally to the species level
  • Offers sensitivity that is the best in the industry — significantly better than standard bacterial profiling workflows
  • Accounts for PCR bias, enabling better quantification
  • Enables greater reproducibility due to high-throughput automation
  • Is validated with controls to ensure accuracy and the absence of cross-contamination of samples

The Epiphany Process

Sample Biogram


Sample Biogram