Epiphany FAQs

1. How fast can I get the results? Can they be expedited?

Sample results should be available 2-3 weeks after receipt. We may be able to expedite results for an additional fee. Please contact us  to confirm our ability to meet your needs.

2.How is your technology different from the others?

EpiPhany® Bacterial Profiling provides the highest level speciation possible – optimally to the genus and species level, depending on the organisms present in the sample – using information that is natively present in the 16S ribosomal RNA gene in a sample. EpiPhany is unprecedented in accuracy because it accounts for errors that traditional PCR and other characterization methods cannot. Please refer to our Technical Brochure  for a more thorough explanation of each of our differentiators.  EpiPhany Bacterial Profiling:

  • More accurately and consistently identifies bacteria present in a sample, optimally to the species level
  • Offers sensitivity that is the best in the industry — significantly better than standard bacterial profiling workflows
  • Accounts for PCR bias, enabling better quantification
  • Enables greater reproducibility due to high-throughput automation
  • Is validated with controls to ensure accuracy and the absence of cross-contamination of samples

3.Will you be able to give me information on all bacterial species present in my sample?

EpiPhany requires a threshold bacterial population to be present in your sample. Upon receipt of your samples, we employ qPCR, a technique for quantifying bacterial DNA, to ensure that each sample meets our minimum requirements.  If it does, EpiPhany is able to reliably detect each bacterium present whose DNA comprises at least 0.2% of the total bacterial DNA in the sample.

4.Can you profile all microbes in my sample including fungi and viruses?

At this time, we are only offering bacterial profiling, however we intend to expand this offering to include profiling of fungi and viruses. We will make an announcement when these services are available.

5.Can you profile bacteria in any sample?

Currently we accept extracted gDNA, feces, soil and related samples in the appropriate EpiPhany Sample Submission Kit. Contact us if you have other sample types.

6.Will I have to pay separately for the sample submission kit and the analyses?

EpiBiome supplies you with free kits when you place your first order and will replenish your kit supplies as they are submitted for analysis. There is a single fee for the kit and analysis – no need to pay separately.

7.Can I send you my samples in my own tubes or do I have to use your kit?

We accept extracted gDNA samples in well plates and feces, soil and related samples in tubes. We prefer that you submit samples in EpiPhany Sample Submission Kits. If you contact us  in advance, we may be able to accommodate your own well plates and/or tubes.

8.Do you offer academic discounts?

We do not currently offer academic discounts.

9.Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

We do not currently offer bulk order discounts. However, if you have an extremely large or ongoing order, please contact us  to discuss pricing.

10.Will I have access to raw data from my samples?

EpiBiome provides you with a report that illustrates the relative composition of your sample in a pie chart as well as in an exportable list. The data is available online for downloading. Please contact us  if you require additional data or data in another format such as fastq file.

11.Is there a separate fee for the bioinformatics analysis and report generation?

Analysis, report generation, and use of the EpiPhany® Data Visualization Tool is included in the service.


EpiPhany is intended for research use only, and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.